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Know Your Rights

COVID Precautions

Real estate businesses are allowed to conduct limited in-person operations for properties in regions that have been approved for Phase-2. Read the NYS Department of Health’s mandatory and recommended guidelines to keep you and your clients safe and healthy. Brokers and their associated licensees should review and become familiar with the Interim Guidance Document’s detailed requirements.

Fair Housing Notice

The Following Are Some Examples Of Potential Fair Housing Violations:

  • Refusing to rent, sell or show a property based on a potential tenant or purchaser’s protected characteristic.
  • Quoting a higher price to a purchaser or renter because of the potential purchaser or tenant’s protected characteristic. * Refusing to rent to a tenant who has children or increasing a security deposit based on the number of children living in the apartment.
  • Steering prospective tenants or purchasers to certain neighborhoods based on any protected characteristics.
  • Refusing to rent to a potential tenant because of their income source, including but not limited to Section 8 vouchers or other government subsidies.
  • Refusing to waive a “no pet” policy for tenants that require service, assistance, or emotional support animal.
  • Discriminating at the direction of a seller or landlord or because it is the seller or landlord’s preference.
  • Refusing to rent to a renter who is a victim of domestic violence.

Standardized Operating Procedures

Standardized Operating Procedures” (the “SOP Law”) is to ensure prospective homebuyers understand what will be required from them when working with a real estate broker.

Please note that the suggestions contained in this document may be amended if the Department Of State (DOS) provides further regulatory guidance on the SOP Law or we have further direction to provide to you.